January 15, 2020


The ChartLync app. by ChartLync LLC. (also referred to herein as “ChartLync” or “Network”) is a set of related mobile applications and Internet sites for keeping track of personal health records, owned and operated by ChartLync, LLC. ChartLync welcomes you to the Network. We have the modest goal of providing a minimilastic way to store and track of medical and related records for everyone and as such are committed to your privacy. This privacy policy describes what information we collect by our application/Network and in the use of our Products and Services, how we use that information, and what options we offer you to control your personal information.

If you do not want us to collect or process your personal information as described herein, you have several choices including limiting the information we collect on you, or not using the Network, or our Products and Services.

How We Collect
Information on You

In the free version of our application, we don't collect/store (on remote ChartLync server) any information about you. This policy can change from time to time. This also means that if you post personal information about yourself, you do so at your own risk, including the risk of abandoning any privacy rights you had in such information.

In the premium version of our Products and Services, ChartLync collects and receives personal information in a few ways.

Account Registration

Often you can choose what information to provide, but sometimes we require personal information from you to carry out certain activities such as account verification. This section details the ways in which we collect information from you and how thatinformation is received.

Information Collected Automatically

ChartLync receives and records information from your mobile device when you use the Apps, or use premium services on the ChartLync servers, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address or unique device identifier. Cookies and data about which pages you visit on our Network allow us to operate and optimize the Products and Services we provide to you. This information is stored in secure logs and is collected automatically. We may combine this browser information with other information we collect about you. This information is used to keep the Products and Services secure, analyze and understand how our Products and Services are used, optimize such usage, as well as certain Products and Services to personalize your experience.

Location and Analytics Information

When you use the ChartLync Network, and certain of our Products and Services, we collect location information about you including your IP address, your location, browser information, and how you came to the ChartLync Network/Server. This information is collected for a single purpose of keeping your information secure by analyzing (Analytics purpose) your usage patterns such as place, time, etc. No information will be shared with third parties for advertising purpose without your explicit consent.

Billing Information

For Products and Services requiring payment, we collect a billing name, phone number, and email address. We also collect a billing and shipping address for invoicing purposes. If you elect to pay by credit card, ChartLync may engage a third party to securely process your payment. All payment processing is done through a PCI DSS compliant third party. If customers are paying by a credit card, their card details are vaulted through a third party payment gateway. ChartLync will store an encrypted token along with the last four digits of the credit card and the expiration month and year of the card and will not store or retain any other billing information about you.

What Information We
Collect on You

This section describes in further detail the information we collect on you and how we use that information broken down by our Products and Services offerings.

Application Survey and Consent Request

We may send you survey to collect feedback about our products and services which will be used to further improve our products and services. Also, from time to time we may send you a consent request about sharing of your information with a clear reasoning for the good of the community. If you have any questions concerning the Application Survey and our security measures to protect your sensitive personal data, please contact us at: privacy (at) chartlync (dot) com.


"ChartLync, LLC." will not provide personally identifying information about consumers to anyone without the consumer's consent.

Privacy is a guiding principle of all ChartLync Products and Services and we value your privacy. To this end, we provide you with the ability to control how your information is stored, and what information is collected. You may change or correct your account settings, and choose not to share certain information by creating a pseudonymous account (in the case of premium services). Additionally, much of the data we collect is voluntary and your choice entirely to provide us or not. If you delete your account from our servers, we will delete all of your information from the ChartLync servers.


We may amend or update this policy from time to time, and will notify you of any material changes to this policy. Previous versions of this privacy policy are available upon request.

Please contact us f you have any questions:

privacy (at) chartlync (dot) com

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